Have you ever wondered what a Personal Brand is and why it matters in today’s job market? 

Your Personal Brand is defining and knowing what makes you unique. It is about discovering and showcasing your strengths and achievements that is valuable to existing and potential new employers. Your Personal Brand clearly communicates these assets in your job search documents (your resume, application letters and LinkedIn profile), and when you network and interview for jobs.

Employers are on the lookout for “Stand Out” job applicants, and your Personal Brand helps you to “Stand Out” from the rest. 

Applying for a job in today is getting more and more competitive, so that old saying, “you only get one chance to make a first impression” or “standing out” from the other applicants really counts when it comes to your online reputation or personal brand.

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Four important areas to keep in mind when creating a professional Resume and Personal Brand:

  1. Keeping the target employers in mind and tailoring your resume content in line with the advertised position (ie. assessing your personal attributes and qualities that make you a “good culture fit” for your target employers).
  2. Creating a document that is an interesting read – you only have a minimum of 6 seconds to catch the reader’s attention.
  3. The content needs to be written with both human beings and search engines in mind (ie. the use of Applicant Tracking Systems is scanning for keywords or phrases).
  4. Clearly communicating your value proposition and good-fit for your target employers when you network and interview for jobs, therefore boosting your chances of landing the job you want or advancing your career.

Employers and hiring managers look at job candidates’ social media profiles for the following reasons:

  1. Information that supports a candidate’s qualifications
  2. Professionalism of a job candidate’s online persona
  3. What other people are posting about the job candidate 
  4. Reasons not to hire a candidate (including risqué photos or discriminatory posts on social media posts).
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Need a Professional Resume Writer or Help with Your Personal Brand?

If you need some help with your Personal Brand, resume, and job application documents feel free to reach out to ECM Consulting. As a leading resume writer within the Toowoomba Region, Katie Robertson-Kelk has over 18 years’ experience in professionally developing job application documents; and has gained a comprehensive knowledge of current recruitment and job application trends. 

Katie’s point of difference as a professional resume writer is to sit down and speak with clients, either via in person or telephone, to go through through all their details and information. One of the key areas of information that Katie is collecting is to ascertain the job seekers point of difference, uniqueness, values and achievements. These elements define a client’s personal brand and to build a professional summary for both resumes and LinkedIn Profiles.

For assistance with your resume and LinkedIn Profile, please book an initial no cost consultation to discuss your job application needs further with ECM Consulting – Click Here for a Free Initial Consultation  

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