Bruce is no stranger to the restaurant industry and the owner operator of Lily’s Restaurant in Highfields, Queensland.

What is a climatarian?

At Lily’s Restaurant we are proud to call ourselves Climatarians! What is a Climatarian you may ask and how does being a Climatarian make a difference?

Climatarian is a new and much-needed street term you will be hearing more about. It is used by those who are trying to raise awareness and combat increasing climate change at a personal level.

Fortunately for all of us, climatarians are already here. And, no, the word is not an insult. You may even be one without knowing it. Below, we explain what it’s all about.

Climatarian, much more than conscious eating
The word climatarian refers to people who campaign to stop global warming by changing their eating habits. For a climatarian, it doesn’t matter so much the type of food you eat (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) but the carbon footprint you are leaving behind as you clean up your plate. The aim is to select food that has generated the least environmental impact during production.

But, as society’s awareness of climate change problem increases, so the term climatarian is beginning to have a much deeper meaning, embracing all manner of behavior.

Climatarians don’t only eat thinking about how many emissions their food may have generated, but also in how they can protect the planet by the way they dress, move around or enjoy themselves. It goes beyond recycling or closing the tap while brushing one’s teeth. Climatarians try to turn all their daily habits toward fighting climate change and reducing their personal carbon footprint on the planet.

Lily’s Restaurant

Lilys Restaurant is situated at the Highfields Motel located in the hamlet of Highfields only a short 12 km drive north of the Toowoomba CBD along the New England Highway.

Lily’s Restaurant is proudly owned and managed by Chef Bruce and Partner Heidi to make Highfields Motel the best 4-star accommodation you will find in Queensland.

Chef Bruce who is uber passionate about fresh Italian cuisine creates amazing dishes every day along with his culinary team.

The Bar & Restaurant is open for dinner from 6.00 pm to 20.30 pm Monday to Saturday. Ideal for private functions and corporate conferences too with all your onsite catering sorted.


Freshly Made For You

I absolutely love the fact that there are no preservatives in my families meals anymore!


Having gluten free pasta delivered to my door is amazing! Can’t wait to order again!


Found my passion for cooking again! Thank you Bruce & Heidi!