A big Shout Out to Wendy Cook and her beautiful Graziers Daughter Souvenirs & Hampers.  Proudly, a majority of quality products in the Hampers showcase the local producers around the district.  Wendy sees this as a way of giving back to the community, and is pleased to be a donor to the upcoming Wedding Industry and Business Leaders Breakfast on 9th July.

As well as providing a beautiful hamper for the Early Bird ticket winner, Wendy sees that her gifts can be great corporate or Wedding Industry souvenirs as she diversifies the range and reach of her business.

We are very grateful for Wendy’s generosity, and encourage you to support these hampers – the diversity of the products will astound and encourage you to support our local small businesses.

The Graziers Daughter – Home of Hampers and Gifts

Blog by Molly B