What an inspiring business woman!  Wendy Allen exudes pride in her achievements in the travel and tourism industry and the quality of her professionalism flows warmly from her worldly-wise eyes.  It is a joy to have Wendy as a generous sponsor for the upcoming Wedding Industry and Business Leaders Breakfast on July 9th.

Decades of building her business have brought Wendy in to contact with people from all walks of life and have given her the drive to be at the top of her game.  Within the travel industry both nationally and internationally Wendy is recognised as a force to be reckoned with. Wendy has high level travel buying power as a member of the Virtuoso Invitation Only travel industry conglomerate.  She is also a credited Master Cruise Consultant.  Often clients gain many, many extras at no additional cost due to her strong network and experience as a negotiator. Her longevity and integrity within the industry is due to her embedded values and practices.

Wendy believes her successful leadership is due to:

🌏  Her love for what she does

🏨 Her pride in her achievements

🎡 Her pride in the business

⛩ Networking face to face with wholesalers

🏯  Catering for all tastes and budgets

🎢  Providing exciting and satisfying daily tour extras

The enormous effort she puts in to designing bespoke itineraries behind the scenes means her clients have wonderfully enriching adventures, but are not really aware of the effort and enterprise Wendy puts in to ensure the very best experience.  Though glowing feedback from clients reflects the quality packages experienced.

COVID 19 has decimated the travel industry, and yet through all the setbacks, Wendy’s generosity is widely known.  Ticket holders for the Breakfast on 9th July will be in the running for a 2 nights mid-week stay at Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove valued at $600. Wow!

Our sincere thanks to Wendy for her ongoing generosity, and we encourage everyone to work through Wendy for your travel needs.

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Blog by Molly B