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Toowoomba Region
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Have fun with tarot and oracle cards – entertainment via the spirit world (all for fun)
Donagh Marquard is an experienced Psychic Medium and Reiki Master located in Toowoomba with clients across the globe.
With an intuitive approach, Donagh uses a variety of methods such as psychic medium readings, tarot cards and angel therapy to give people the tools they can use in everyday life to achieve inner peace.
A Reiki master, Donagh uses this ancient method meaning “Universal Life Force Energy” to receive and transfer healing energy to her clients.
Book an appointment with Donagh at her clinic, or request an in-home visit or phone session.
Donagh also runs workshops to help you find your divine truth as well as classes and group bookings from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, Toowoomba and surrounds.
Lots of fun for hens parties.

“I love to see people’s hearts sing and I do this by cutting cords from the past.” Donagh Marquard