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Full spectrum wedding services 

Need the lot? Look no further. The Darling Downs has everything you need on your doorstep for your perfect wedding day. With over 60 local venues and suppliers including national-award winners, the Darling Downs provides nothing short of global industry standard. 

Ideal weather conditions 

Yep, the Darling Downs is known for its glorious weather all year round! With a touch of rural and a dazzling dash of city, it combines the best of both worlds for all guests in attendance. 

We’ll keep you connected

The Darling Downs has a close proximity to all forms of connectivity, be it road, air, and in the not too distant future, rail – to make sure all of your guests arrive safe and sound. Often referred to as the Gateway to the West, the Darling Downs opens up a Pandora’s Box to tourism and attractions. 




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Planning a wedding on the Downs is an excellent choice. 

TDD Weddings is here to provide you with guidance on the range of top-class services and products at your fingertips, helping to make your final decision that much easier. 

We aim to offer you a bevvy of local suppliers and vendors in a one-stop shop that will make planning your dream wedding a breeze. 

Our experienced team can provide first-hand success stories and work with you to meet your expectations, budget and timeline.

Happy wedding planning! 


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