We are very pleased to invite you, and everyone in your network, to the launch of the TOP OF THE RANGE WORD FEST on Sat 6th November – proudly supported and hosted by Emma Mactaggart at the new WRITE GALLERY at 126 Margaret Street, and sponsored by Kim Cahill and her marketing platform ToowoombaDarlingDowns.com.au


This is the first of a number of events to be held into 2022 to highlight and celebrate the depth of writing and all things ‘bookish’ in the region.  The prime event for your 2022 calendar is the weekend of 4th and 5th June when an exciting Word Fest Program will held.  This will cater for parallel programs for Adults and YA.


Other fun events being negotiated include historic homes as writers’ retreats, cooking your favourite book recipes, and poetry competitions…. and more ideas to explore. We have chosen June to avoid clashing with Dalby’s Words out West or the Hampton Festival.


The format of the November event will include a chronological display of the history of local literary works, including contemporary writers and entities.

#  All valued guests on the day will be able to use A3 display boards to showcase their work or organisation.  Setting up between 8.00 and 9.00 am.

#  Authors are invited to have a signing table with their pens ready for signatures and sales.

#  Book sellers from our Book Stores are invited to present a range of their wares.


There will be a short launch at 10 am, and an opportunity for the general public to enjoy the displays and meeting the authors from 10.30 to 2.30pm – perhaps with authors nominating the slot they would like to be ‘live’.


This is meant to be a taster for the festival in 2022, and as such there will not be any charge for being part of the day.


We are however, looking for a few interested souls who might like to join the organising team to help with ideas and experience.  I have started a FaceBook page named Word Fest Toowoomba where we will keep you in touch with the progress, so please find, like and share.


If you are interested in being part of this event, or part of the friendly organising group, see the invitation below and please contact me on connectingthedots1234@gmail.com or on my MollyB Blogger fb page


Looking forward to an exciting year ahead


Lyndall Hill (Molly B)