When you find yourself with a few moments to kill in your town centre, it is a great opportunity to stroll the block and take in the special little sights and sounds. So here is a snapshot of the Top of the CBD block in Toowoomba on a fresh October morning.

The People’s Place next to City Hall is a haven for the many office workers and the visitors and community organisations who all contribute to the community hub. On this particular Spring morning, the sprinkling of pink balloons and cutout female forms heralded the focus on Breast Cancer Awareness. Mingling amongst the still beautiful garden beds, they drew the attention of the passers-by to another health scourge still unsolved. This square of colour also provides the security of wifi and free phone site – when so many homeless need a lifeline this is it!

With a few minutes to spare, I ambled down the block past the beautiful avenue of totems in the Green. These tributes to the traditions and hopes of the local Gaibal and Jarrowair Aboriginal people are truly stunning pieces of art and soul.

In contrast to this ancient , surviving cultural gift to the people of Toowoomba is the more contemporary Regional Art Gallery. It is a joy to visit regularly to see both local artists’ exhibitions as well as the ‘out of towners’.

The streetscape of the CBD is changing to the beat of highrise apartment living demands, and as such, there is now a wide range of restaurants, high-quality foodie finds, and green spaces for those visitors or residents making this part of the CBD their patch.

So in a small stroll, the energy and the freshness of this part of the city permeates the pulse and of course there is the great coffee and eats at Tina’s Place at the end of it to complete the enjoyment.

Here’s to a Top Stroll…..