Coffee drinkers are a special breed. Yes – the roast, the blends, the location, the weekend access, the service, the environmental awareness, the snacks, the pet friendly vibe and so much more decide their preferred location!

Coffee providers are a friendly bunch, so they seem to go out of their way to cater for all these needs. Sadly, they also have to contend with external conditions like the pandemic restrictions and conditions and the downturn in patronage from beyond the Range. Not all have survived 2020.

So locals are even more important than ever in keeping their orders flowing and supporting their local family businesses.


While most people know the larger franchises, let’s look at the smaller places which have had glowing recommendations from the locals…………

Hume Street workers – Muse – cute, great smiles and quick lunchtime coffees –

Lindsay Street @ Cobb and Co – Cobb’s Coffee Shop – a cup with a chance to soak up the local history

Mary Street – Wedland Olives and pet friendly locals and James Street Grocer

Margaret Street – Espresso and Tea snug and chic; and long time favourites The Parkhouse and Valetta’s heritage buildings and access to Queen’s Park

Top of the Range in the old Weis grounds – the second The Finch set in lush gardens

Picnic Point – quench the thirst after the views, waterfalls and walks Picnic Point

High Street – Aromas great for after church on a Sunday

Harvey Norman Centre Ruthven Street South – Munch Cafe and Platters

Spring Street – Kingfishers Cafe in the Springs Garden Centre – grab a plant to brighten up the house while you are there

Stenner Street – Sleepless City Roasters and (Metiisto Chocolate)

Ruthven Street – Pump – handy drive thru or inside service


What have I missed Eastside or Southside? Let me know you favourite spot. * I am not a coffee drinker, so please help add to the list.