From a small family business started in 2014 to now one of the the most recognised plumbing business in Toowoomba, X Factor Plumbing has had a very positive ride out of the depths of COVID restrictions.

Tiffany is the public face of the business and exudes positive energy about the future of the industry and
the future of this quietly booming business. One doesn’t usually associate the sweet smell of success
with plumbing, but in the case of X Factor, there is definitely a smile on Tiffany’s face. Alongside her
director husband, Karl, the business is blooming sweetly.

X Factor Tiffany

The key word for Tiffany is FAMILY. When she talks about the business, the pride in the family’s growth
shines through. This has been both in the business and the personal aspects of life for this determined,
focused and hard-working young couple. Overcoming family challenges with their daughter’s medical
needs behind the scenes and now in a more public arena has given Tiffany the insight to seek specialist
support in various aspects of life when it has been necessary. This has been particularly true when it
came to building the business profile.

X Factor Family

Recognising the positives that networking brings to small businesses, X Factor Plumbing engaged the
social media expertise of TDD, and worked with Kim Cahill to bring out the values that the family stands
for – old fashioned service! From the attention to polite, clean entry to every client’s premises, to
honesty in quoting and delivery of high quality product and open communication about the options, this
gives them the X Factor. Tiffany openly asserts that their heart and soul goes in to every client
interaction….and the testimonials from very satisfied customers reflect that.

It has been the variety of opportunities for media and networking exposure within the plumbing and
broader industries and community in the Toowoomba Darling Downs region that has allowed their
footprint to double over the past year despite economic tough times. Often taking the step to
outsource to specialists is a scary one, but employing Kim to look after the marketing side of things has
meant Tiffany’s time has been freed up to concentrate on timely responses to client enquiries and to
manage the 4 person/1 apprentice field team more efficiently. It’s working!

Tiffany is a young businesswoman with the time now to step back and allow the partnership with her
husband to look to the future of the business. With a Toowoomba boom, X Factor Plumbing is directing
its growth to the commercial and industrial maintenance opportunities and the chance this opens up to
employ local tradespeople to continue to shine a light on those old-fashioned values which the public
has grown to appreciate and expect.

X Factor Karl

X Factor Plumbing is getting used to its public recognition, and through its increased Social Media and
Business Networking presence is proud of its name and focus. It is certainly the standout business in its
field! The future is looking leak-free.

Blog post by Molly B