Definitely a character, a pocket rocket and a woman who has travelled a very different life journey from most of us, Patricia Bowtell Blackwell launched her second novel in Toowoomba. Writing under the name of Patsy Kemp, this diminutive dynamo packs humorous tales of her family and life on the road in to a rollicking read. 

Patsy’s first novel The Drover’s Daughter was a hit, especially with country folk, so at the suggestion of her neighbour, Patsy recalled plenty of other amusing tales of her big family and their trials and tribulations as they drove stock along the ‘ Long Paddock’.  With her current book, The Drover’s Daughter Rides Again, you gain a vivid insight in to their life, told in Patsy’s no-nonsense way.

The launch at the Toowoomba Library was opened by Bob Ryan, General Manager of Cracker Print and Paper, who put Patsy’s story to bed.  This long-standing family Company in Ruthven Street is providing a great service to authors.

With lots of friends sharing her excitement, Patsy shared a few family memories and delighted in signing her books and chatting with us all.  This was a very relaxed and enjoyable time spent with The Drover’s Daughter.

Short blog by Molly B