It can be hard knowing how to pose when you’re not a professional model.
It’s even more overwhelming knowing what poses are flattering.
Then there are so many options and how do we know what is right for our business or personal branding needs?
It’s ok, Tilly is here to help.

Check out these great poses and add them to your shot list for your next photoshoot!

Performing Your Service

It’s a great idea to have a friend or model handy for your session so that you can capture some images of you performing your service, or interacting with your clients.

Being Beautiful in Nature

If your brand is big on natural/eco products, then an image of you interacting in/with nature is always great for social media use.

Admin or Office Duties

There will be a plethora of opportunities to slip an admin shot into your brand story. And your story is what your audience wants to hear, because they can relate to you more easily.

Celebrating a Win
Out of Your Usual Environment (Aka work from cafe)

Crack a Laugh

Not so much a ‘pose’, but important to capture. People are wildly attracted to other laughing faces. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy. That emotional connection is fantastic for your brand.

The Classic Head Shot

This one’s a no brainer. Use it for your social media profile images, your website/blog about page, your business cards, ok ok everywhere!

I’ve Got to Hand it to You…

Use a Chair to Help Create an Interesting Pose
Lean and Cross Your Arms

I hope you’ve gotten some amazing ideas for poses you need to use for your next branding photoshoot.


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