A dynamic couple who made Toowoomba their business base, Sonny and Kat Lynn bring a diverse set of skills and backgrounds to their Wedding Photography brand. So why Toowoomba?

Sonny has 27 years in military service, with a stint in Toowoomba when their children were beginning high school allowing them to appreciate the qualities Toowoomba offers.  Between 2011 and 2014 Sonny’s overseas deployments allowed him to develop his photography skills, which became his creative outlet.  With his interests in cooking, music and photography bubbling away, he ‘needed something bigger to bite on‘, so he proactively became proficient with photographic fundamentals…..and both knew Toowoomba was the place to set roots, build their family and business future.

Kat too was expanding her skills and realized she had a passion for food and product photography.  Kat’s qualifications in graphic design and her ‘eye for detail’ helped her to think holistically about ‘who she is serving’ and how that aligned to who and how she defined herself.

Sonny’s New Year Resolution for 2015 was to shoot images of people.  He launched Facebook posts, practiced intensively, and continued his learning curve to embed more expressive imagery into his work through experimentation. Kat continued to build valuable networking collaborations and grow her base, receiving recognition from the cafes, restaurants and small vendors during Toowoomba’s contemporary food explosion.  Kat continues to be one of the sought-after food and product photographers in the region and receives collegial accolades.

While each of the dynamic duo continued their own photographic paths, they saw the opportunity to help people celebrate special life events.  So, in 2016, they had an opportunity to start capturing weddings, concerts and bespoke events.

Both Sonny and Kat bring two very different photographic perspectives ensuring they are providing a comprehensive service and always strive to ‘invite the audience in’.  Also, they offer unique value propositions such as their ‘Client for Life’ and free ‘Engagement Sessions’.  Client for Life allows couples to book a free session every year.  This builds a life library for the family.  It is an extremely valued offer and highlights the nurturing nature Sonny and Kat bring to every clients’ photography experience.

Strength is through diversity which was evident in 2020 during COVID the height of COVID restrictions when corporate branding became a key focus for Sonny and Kat Photography.  Due to their respected brand and developed network, this flexibility enabled them to continue building their foundations which has now become a highly referred photography business throughout the Toowoomba region.

Sonny & Kat Photography

Blog by Molly B