For those who haven’t seen the latest refurbishment in the CBD in Toowoomba, you are in for a treat on Russell Street.

Refreshed streetscape certainly brings the stunning historic shop fronts of the CBD core in to view. The facades and rooflines are very distinctive and in contrast with the more contemporary lines of Grand Central in Margaret Street. It is quite a delight to stroll down Russell Street’s facelifted section.

For those businesses along this section whose livelihoods have been put on hold because of Covid and this refurbishment, the need for Toowoombaites to SHOP LOCAL is even more important! The shops along this section are very different from the section further along past the lights and the railway line which have not been affected for such a long period of time. Let’s hope the reopening sees people return, whether it is out of curiosity or former loyalty to the diverse occupants.

Probably best known in this Russell Street Precinct is ROWES long-standing family furniture store from which so many locals have decorated their homes. The substantial Redevelopment of Rowes is still underway and winds around into Keefe Street. It was an interesting contrast of design to see the very modern style and the new home of The Toowoomba Gallery on the upper floor. It will be a different level of the home and creative art decoration to compliment the more traditional furnishings around the corner.

Besides exploring the different business offerings on both sides of the street, it was fun to see more of Toowoomba’s now very famous painted laneways. Views both colourful and with messages to entertain and encourage further exploration.

Although the refurb is still in progress, life in Russell Street needs YOU!

Get on down!

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