The Royal Bull’s Head Inn at Drayton is one of the most iconic buildings in the Toowoomba Region.
The current Inn was constructed by William Horton (an ex-convict) in 1859, as a major extension of his original 1847 hotel. The Inn is made of brick, cedar, and timber and joined the original Inn.
When built, the Inn was classed as one of the best in the land as it included a bathroom, a true luxury of the day. Following a visit by Queensland’s first Governor, George Bowen, it became known as the Royal Bull’s Head Inn. In 1879 the Inn was sold by William Horton’s son to the Lynch Family, who stopped the operation of the hotel and used the Inn as their private home. By this time, the original Inn and outbuildings had been sold for removal. The Lynch Family renamed the Inn “The Terrace”, a name the building kept until the early 1970s.
The Lynch’s also ran the Drayton post office from “The Terrace” until 1952. In 1973, The National Trust acquired the building which was in a very run-down state. After a long and costly restoration, in 1988 Queensland’s Governor Sir Walter Campbell reopened the Royal Bulls Head Inn to the public. The Inn is now open Wednesdays 9 am – 1 pm.