I am very proud to receive this review from Kylie who is the Managing Director of GF Oats Australia 

Here is a little about Kylie from her LinkedIn profile

I have been passionate about the health and food industry for over 12 years, where I started a product line called Brighterlife Wheatfree Foods, manufacturing a range of gluten-free flour cake and bread mixes; initially developed to support her families health and food sensitivity requirements.

In 2008, I became aware of a variety of uncontaminated oats in the USA that was not certified organic and uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley; and reached out to GF Harvest based in the state of Wyoming, USA. In late 2009, GK Gluten Free Foods was established and introduced Gloriously Free (GF) Oats into Australia. Since then we have significantly grown the business and the demand has continued to grow, as customers with food sensitivities or need to follow specific dietary requirements can now access a range of uncontaminated oats.

I did not know that Kylie was going to be in this training but having her join the workshop was great as we have known each other a very long time. We have been a part of a group where we did a lot of personal and professional development and one of the things we did learn was understanding the different personality types. Kylie and I have very different personalities but I know to keep Kylies attention, I would need to cut to the chase and present the facts supported by some evidence and keep it interesting 🙂

But I also knew there was a chance that I would have people in the workshop who would want to drill down into the details and feel heard and understood and for me to walk them step by step through the process.

Kylies review is just perfect as I went into this workshop hoping to engage and enroll every participant no matter what the personality, so they all felt they left with at least one action point.

Well I think I did that 🙂

If you would like a hand with your social media and have not been able to find someone who listens to you in your language and meets your specific personality style, then please give me a call I am happy to have a crack at helping you with your social media goals.