Rats and Mice have a similar basic need for survival as humans, they need food, water, warmth, shelter, and have a sense to belong and be part of a community. Its very important to try and understand why there around your home by simply thinking of what’s the goal, is it food, shelter moisture or just security, once you understand the “Why” it becomes a lot easier to slow them down or even move them on.

Treating Rats and Mice using a bait matrix is just one way, but it has the potential to cause a flow on negative effect in some cases to native wildlife and family pets especially if not familiar with the different types and strengths of poisons.  The best approach is to always consider the “Why” and “How” of the scenario.  Why are they around your home, Why are they inside your roof, your kitchen and your bedrooms, How did they get inside your home and How do I stop them.

Here are 3 Ways in which you can inspect and identify potential movement areas, entry points and harbourages.


  1. Take a walk around the perimeter.

A mouse can enter a 5mm gap and a Rat a 20mm gap, so a thorough inspection around the house can find these holes and gaps. Look for smear or rub marks (oily residue from the rodent’s fur, usually darker brown or tan in colour), look in and around weep hole slots, around down pipes, windowsills, and doorways. Rodents must chew on hard things to wear their teeth down, so look for chewing marks on edges as its often an indicator of activity in the area. Look for nesting material like shredded paper, grass clusters or even holes under concrete areas as these are very common harbourages and even passageways into your home.

  1. Concealed entry points.

It’s important to understand the style and build of your home, like joins in the foundations, access under the home if on stumps and where most underground or pipe works come from. Take your time to investigate thoroughly, it will pay off in the long-term so be vigilant think like a rat or mouse, think what it looks like from their size not from way up in the air, get down and look under and up. Aircon split systems can be an easy entry point, trees against the house wall, gaps around garage doors or entry doors, weep hole slots larger than 5mm in width plus stored items around the home or garden areas, all these areas will be a potential entry or harbourage area for any Rat or mouse and should be proofed, removed, modified in such a way as to stop entry.

  1. Professional advice.

Seeking professional advice will always be important especially if you have pets, children, or native wildlife around the property. Buying baits from hardware stores or online without discussing with a professional licenced pest control Technician first will most certainly increase the danger of harming pets, wildlife or putting young children at risk.


Shane Gorry The Pestman Qld