I have come to know Quinalow quite well in recent months and already have a soft spot for its community and its big heart. Come and explore what keeps its heart beating so strongly.

If you have to pin it down to one particular thing, it would be the character of its characters. Wholeheartedly community-centered, the locals support each other through the good times and the dry times. Luckily there is never a time when there is a dry time at the pub!

I love the look and the feel of the local Quinalow State School which has been the centre of student lives since 1901, after the Daly brothers established the first cheese factory on the Darling Downs here. Staunch Catholics, they named their little piece of agricultural settlement after Bishop Quinn. The Irish for near a stream – alow- was added and the settlement grew along the banks of Myall Creek.

The principles underlying the school ethos, are felt across the whole community. It is a truly caring place to live. Many of the facilities we city slickers take for granted are not immediately on hand within the triangle of the three neighbouring communities, but Maclagan, Peranga and Quinalow combine to provide the essentials of life – healthy air, a few sporting, school, pool, library, museum, memorial facilities, cemetery and with a quirky convenience store thrown in, what more would you need? A pub!

Yes, the Quinalow Pub is a rural town classic! So grab a cold drink and come along for the stories and people of Quinalow over the next few months – Cheers!

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