When we do a review of somebody’s social media we usually start at the top of the page and work our way down,
Top to Bottom
Left to Right on page
  • Banner Photo
  • Profile photo
  • About
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Community
  • Reviews
  • Posts
Let’s look at the banner photo.
*This banner is from Kat at Foodie Shots – Kat is a food photographer she wants people to drool and lick the screen – pretty cool hey
The banner photo is a place to capture people’s imagination, and to get the eyes looking directly on you and your business. What is it that you want your photo to to tell people about you and your business.
The next thing that we look at is the profile photo.
Often this is a place where people will put a logo or a picture of themselves, just depending on the business. We never say that there’s a set rule on this, but we think that the logo, or a photo of the person is usually the best thing to have in that space.
*This banner is from Adele at Your Legacy Lawyer, a great professional photo, a logo we know exactly what this page is about
Then we keep on working down the page, remember we work from top to bottom, left to right.
The next thing that we look at is the about section.
So the about section is where you can talk to people about you and your business. It’s usually like the bio, or what you would have on LinkedIn or something like that where you talk all about your business. It’s where people first see you so you get a chance to be able to tell people who you are, what you do. Then you work your way down that about section and make sure that you fill in all the different sections. Make sure that you’ve got your web page LinkedIn and all your other socials, your email address, your phone number, and any other contacts that you can have in that section there.
Do you have a group with your business. If you’ve got a group with your business, then it will be listed here. So a lot of people are going to groups to get more detail about that business or memberships and clubs within business. If you don’t have a group that’s fine, just move on to the next section while thinking about ways a group may work for your business.
Create an event, put it in here so that people can see what’s going on in your business.
Do you have videos that you can upload, upload your videos and then people that want to have a look at the videos can go straight in and look at the videos.
What photos have you got up there, have you got albums up there, start to look at the photos and the image and the brand that you want people to see about you. If you’re a food photographer for example, you want lots of photos of food and the quality of work that you do. If you’re a hairdresser, it’s the same sort of thing. tell people about the hairstyles that you do.
We have covered this already but please make sure you fill it up with as mush details as it asks for.
This is where people are talking about you. So, if I share something about you and your business and I say this business has great food, you will see that I’ve talked about you if I have tagged you and you’ll be able to go in there and to thank them to like the comment to say something engaging on social media is really important because it shows that you care about the people that you’re working with.
*Another banner and again its different to the others but it has a clear message and call to action from Nat at Vigour Graphics 
Reviews are really big, Do you check out reviews before you use someone’s service, we do! it’s really important to make sure that you continually ask people for reviews, if I go to a page and the reviews are all from five years ago, it’s showing that, you know, they might have done something once, but they’re not doing it now so why aren’t people focusing a little bit on reviews as well. So keep them up to date and ask anybody that you currently working with if they would mind popping up a review, offer an incentive, you could run a competition, and say, give us a review and we’ll put you into the drawer for something, so it doesn’t have to be flashy or fancy and guess what ? Most people will happily do it if you just ask them 🙂
So there you have it, a quick, simple and easy review of your social media page start at the top, work your way down, top to bottom, left, right,
Fill out all the sections as much detail as possible, work from left to right, in all the different sections that are across there. And then you’ve got the basics of a good social Facebook social media page.
Of course there is always lots more but this gives you a really good start.
If you’ve got any questions let us know in the comments below.
And if you’d like more help…..
Just reach out to us at the TDD TEAM  let us know how we can help or we can do it for you 🙂
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