How did your love of art come about?

I am not a hundred percent sure. When I was little I spent a lot of time in the garden by myself apparently and then when I was a bit older I spent a lot of time exploring and playing in bushland near our house. The landscapes I grew up in were powrful and I’m a bit of a sensitive petal so I couldn’t help but be influenced by them. I remember drawing a lot when I was a kid, I was lucky Mum always had stationery around so I could and I guess I never really stopped.

What has been your journey through art?

It’s really just exploring internal landscapes and problem solving.

Do you prefer a particular medium?

Charcoal on paper has been a regular go to for a long time now. House paint, spray cans, pastels, watercolour, coloured pencils, textas…..sometimes all together. Depends on how I feel. I like collage a lot and sculpture creeps in from time to time.

Do you need silence, isolation, or music or a muse?

Sometimes silence, sometimes music, almost always some degree of isolation.

Where could we see your art?

In my home studio or my space at The Swamp Collective or instagram @natashaleewills


Is your art for sale?

Some of it, yes. Occasionally I make a work that I want to keep, but that is a rare occasion. Mostly I need them out of my sight once they are finished and for them to have a life outside of a storage folder. On a wall in someone’s home or gallery space is always a pleasure and an honour.

How can we buy it?

Through direct messaging me on instagram @natashaleewills or email natashaleewills@

Are you working on any particular projects at the moment?

I’m plodding along with a few things. My favourite endeavour at the moment is a collaborative mail art project with an old friend in Melbourne. We currently have zines) and TShirts in the works as well as our regular art practice together. I always have a few things on the go at once. Variety helps the work have vitality because I’m not getting bored. I have a new headdress in the works, thinking about materials at the moment and a location to photograph it. Journaling most days which for me is a diary in picture form and working on large charcoal and paint drawings.

Skulking Spook

Where do you hope to take your art in the future?

My art practice has led me in interesting directions so far and I trust the process enough to know that it will continue if I keep showing up. Occasionally I find a wall where I am able to paint on a larger scale. Mural work is a new facet of my practice and something I would love to find more opportunities to explore.

Without the Sun the Moon

Tash’s work hangs proudly on our wall……… about taking the plunge into the world of Mimi Goldfang. Or perhaps you have the perfect wall for her creativity to explore.

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