The future of the regional wedding industry is certainly in good hands if Mia Van Der Merwe’s  youthful sentiments and determination are anything to go by.  As a Year 10 Home Economics student at Fairholme College, Mia is grasping the chance to get ahead of the game by completing a Diploma in Business as well as pursuing her love of hospitality.

Mia’s story is an inspiring one, and best shared in her own words.

From a young age I have found myself interested and engaging in hospitality in the kitchen – to my mother’s dismay, as I always forgot to clean up afterwards.

I recall that from an early age I have been scheming up ways to make money in the neighbourhood.

It would be a dream to work in the wedding industry as it seems magical, but I can never be certain of my future, as it seems I change every couple of minutes and I have many years ahead of me before I need to set anything in stone.

My mother saw the advertisement (for the Wedding Industry and Business Leaders Breakfast event on Face Book ( and instantly knew that I would be I interested.  I think this event will open my eyes to the industry and allow me to learn more.  It will be surrounded with people who know about the industry and I will be able to ask questions and maybe interrogate these people.  It will also hopefully open some career paths or at least help me understand what I want to do.

I really hope the event will make Toowoomba a national wedding destination – we have everything here to make it.  Our nature is breath-taking and diverse, so are our people and places.  We can bring massive revenue into our local restaurants, pubs, hotels and shops by making Toowoomba such a destination.  Our charm is amazing and together, with the help and knowledge of this event, we can put Toowoomba on the map for couples across Australia.

I really think that this event is for everyone.  Hospitality teachers could gain great knowledge of local, businesses and the hospitality industry and there is nothing to lose.

Mia is just the calibre of forward thinking youth the industry needs to promote its potential and positive future.  Mia will share her post event thoughts with us soon.

Be like Mia – book now!

Blog by Molly B