Weddings are memorable for various reasons, but Megan O’Hara Sullivan’s wedding was HOT!  Usually it is the honeymoon that draws that response, but in Megan and Dean’s case it was the 41 degree temperature in Brisbane on that record- breaking day in 1993 that deserved that description. Guests didn’t seem to notice the weather much – courtesy of the thirst-quenching drinks!  The angels on the backdrop painted for the wedding seem to have been an omen.  That backdrop has seen the christening details of all the children added over the years, and will probably be a family tradition long in to the future.

In recognition of their 25th anniversary, Megan and Dean wanted to have some anniversary fun, and so a Wedding Party theme was hatched.  Guests unpacked their wedding attire, some making size adjustments with inventive use of shoelaces etc to cover expanded waistlines, and others slipped seamlessly into original gowns and suits.  Much fun was had by all – captured on tape thanks to thoughtful aunts and other rellie participation.

So while the wedding event itself is a great source of excitement, fashions, food and fun, Megan mused on what keeps those good times going through any marriage while composing her recent Mother-Son speech at one of her five sons’ school events. Thanks to Megan’s sisters taping the speeches at that anniversary party, and the love and support of the extended family unit, the Sullivan boys have grown up in an environment of family and fun and knowing what a hot wedding can lead to.

Her conclusion?  No matter what generation, or changing ideas around weddings and life journeys, when the fun and memories of the wedding day fade, the strength of the partnership and the key to the success of marriage is the Unity of Families and the Good Luck that goes along with it.

Thank you for sharing your wedding reflections with us, Megan.

Blog by Molly B