What is fashion consignment?

Tucked in to the Hooper Centre on Hume Street, Leanne has a real Aladdin’s Cave of fashion treasures at her one-of- a-kind fashion store Love Me Forever.  The real treasure is Leanne herself!

Her big heart and compassion for others is front and centre – just like her displays.

On Consignment

  • A wonderful concept to provide an outlet for high quality, high-end brand-named outfits to have another life….and perhaps even another life after that.  Leanne is very particular about the new or near-new state of each piece, and the quality shines from the moment you enter the shop.  Often the original tags are still on the garments and often they have never been worn.
  • Clothes for women sizes 6-26 from formal wear to seasonal work wear and casual wear make up the greater percentage of the displays.
  • People who place their garments on consignment  are excited when they see the money deposited in their account if the piece sells, and are just happy to have them go to another owner who loves them.
When you need something special –quality accessories, Hats, Shoes are all here! Bargains and more – so many options!

FASHION ON THE CATWALK – charity begins at Love Me Forever

or Fashion for the younger set

SWAP ME or RENT ME – wow them in your special ensemble!

FIND the TREASURE you will LOVE FOREVER – Any Monday to Friday from 10 -5pm and Saturday 10am -2pm.

Visit the website www.lovemeforeverboutique.com Or ring Leanne on 0488 774 650

Blog by Molly B