So what are the characteristics of a user friendly website? Today I thought I’d do a brief summary about that very subject, but bottom line is it is about making it easy for visitors to find the information/product/service they need quickly and easily.

So let’s dive right in… Consider these on your website:

1. Well Planned Architecture – have your information well organised and beautifully presented so its easy to find and understand. Put your contact details and feature item “up from & centre”.

2. Mobile Compatibility – make sure it can be easily seen and navigated through on a mobile phone, a tablet and desktop computers.

3. Browser Consistency – Ensure your website appears and behaves consistently across all major browsers.

4. Accessible to All Users – make sure your website can be accessed easily by on-screen readers for the blind, persons with disability or the elderly.

5. Valid Mark-Up & Clean Code – A website that adheres to the relevant web design best practices and standards is more robust and dependable.

6. Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Visually Scan Over – Use headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullets or lists to break up text so people can quickly scan to the good bits if they are not interested in a big read.

7. Contrasting Colour Scheme – Poor colour choices make it very difficult for visitors to read your content. Keep it well designed, clean and contrasting.

8. Fast Load Times – Try to limit use of heavy plugins. however these are sometimes necessary for functionality.

9. Effective Navigation – keep the navigation clutter-free. Try to limit the number of menu items as far as possible and make the Contact Us page/form really easy to find.

10. Delete all the unnecessary information. Keep your site relevant, the user is not interested in a novel, nor in your staff’s life history. A background story is fine, but keep it short.

If you can tick all, or most of these items off your website list, then you are well on the way to a website that will be revisited and a success.

Have a wonderful day. Nat:)