Please see my latest review from Ingrid who is the creative director of iEmbroider 

I am always happy to see Ingrid her warm happy personality is refreshing and uplifting 🙂

My fascination with machine embroidery began with the purchase of my first machine, a Brother Galaxie – a very flash single needle machine in 1995.

Compared to what is available today, the machine and software available to the home enthusiast back then, were quite basic. Nevertheless, it was very exciting. I still have the wonderful software cards that contained designs to embellish everything from linen, clothing and beyond. I remember always wanting to be able to “stitch” my photos.. and now of course you can do that!

Education arrived in the form of a Cert III in Digitizing and Hoop Embroidery. I was hooked. I realized it didn’t matter what machine you worked with, from 1 to 15 needles, or what software you use, the principles of Machine Embroidery remain the same, only the buttons, bells and whistles change.
I love sharing my passion and knowledge and to that end completed my Cert IV in T&A in 2014.

The fun and the journey continues.


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