Kylie McMahon is the Director and Owner of Clay Hair, Leading Wedding and Event Hairstyling for Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. Kylie is in an elite group of highly professional hairdressers whose reputation within the wedding industry is recognised as being outstanding.

From shy beginnings as a child, then through her apprenticeship, Kylie realised she had a natural gift and passion for hairdressing.  Being able to interpret peoples’ hair vision into reality needs compassion, a fine-tuned listening ear and a love of the craft.  For Kylie it has never been a job.

‘Caring for people is a fantastic feeling.’ Clay Hair is all about creating hair masterpieces.  Being able to give a memorable hair experience leaving clients feeling beautiful on the outside as much as on the inside and presenting lifetime memories is the aim.

Her creative side came in to prominence when she built confidence in the 6 plus years owning her own full-service salon.  The journey has taken her into styling hair at Crown Spa Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup Week.  Along with these adventures in developing her skills came heaps of confidence.  Kylie loves this side of the industry.

As the confidence grew, so too did her influence in the hair industry world. Wedding styling saw her reputation widely known throughout the region and across Australia. Kylie has been a regular finalist in ABIA Weddings Australia’s prestigious annual awards and was in the Top 5 in 2017.  Her ratings in the ‘TripAdvisor’ for weddings are second to none.

When family and children enter the picture, often something has to change, and Kylie saw that the salon no longer fitted her priority of family life.  So 2019 saw the sale of the salon but the continuation of Clay Hair solely concentrating on weddings and events.  Then 2020 happened and the wedding industry took a hit with a lot of wedding postponements and cancellations.

So it has meant a rethink. Concentrating on the almost 70% of clients who come from outside Toowoomba Kylie is an ambassador for the hinterland attractions Toowoomba offers.  Through her professional and very warm and friendly manner accommodating the wishes of brides and bridal parties and working in high profile settings such as Gabbinbar Homestead and Preston Peak; coordinating with Makeup Artists; and providing a top-quality  high-end product she is indeed doing herself, Toowoomba and the region very proud.

Kylie is not content to rest on her hard-won reputation.  She dreams of a wedding industry recovery and where Clay Hair, a wedding one-stop shop, is the top name in the industry. The future is looking promising and using Kim’s free listing in, attending and networking at events such as the July Wedding Industry & Business Leaders Breakfast and growing sub-contractor staff are all strategies Kylie is using to keep Family First, but her hands creating and moulding that creative clay into hair masterpieces.

Blog by Molly B