When you see Krazy Kev in big bold letters emblazoned across the car, you know you must be about to meet a very entertaining person.  Quirky Krazy Kev is the public personae of an extremely hard-working, well-travelled, kindly, multi-faceted soul.  Yep, Kevin Howarth is definitely one of a kind in Toowoomba’s landscape.

What Kev has done in his life will make a great book one day, but I think he is too busy having fun, meeting people and enjoying life in this regional city that he found and fell in love with 10 years ago.  In 2011, on the day that floods caused by a weather supercell ravaged Toowoomba and Grantham, Kev arrived in his now ‘forever home.’  What an introduction!  After years living and working for many years in Bahrain and all points of the compass, he landed in the midst of chaos and grief.  Now, 10 years down the track, he has carved out a strong niche in the local community and the entertainment scene.

Being the official Town Crier for Toowoomba is a joy for KK.  Working for the people of Toowoomba at official functions, announcing events in the style of Ye Olde English criers, KK belts out a booming message and the skill of this trade clearly shows why he ranks so highly in the international Town Crier field.  He is eagerly looked for in the iconic Carnival of Flowers Parade and other events on the annual calendar.

You have to be a bit of an extrovert to juggle the roles Kev manages.

.  Official Town Crier

.  Versatile DJ across any and all music styles and celebrations

.  MC with a twist putting fun in to any event

.  POWER FM local radio bi-weekly program Krazy Kev Out and About FB Krazy Kevin


.  Quizzer – check out his exploits on the national quiz show The Chase on his website page clip www.krazykevin.com.au

However, behind that public face, lies the heart of a father devoted to his lovely daughter, Hannah.  I was privileged to see that softer and less public side of Kev and to hear the love he has for his British roots, his 88 year-old mother and to hear the stories of his very full and often exotic life.

Krazy Kev brightens up a room and the lives of the Toowoomba community.  I am thirsty to know more. Krazy?  Perhaps just a tad, but hey, aren’t we all just a little bit?  Long may Krazy Kev hit us with his rhythm stick of life.

Blog by Molly B