Hello All Members and Kin Folk,

I hope you are staying warm and dry cooking up some vittles during this wet winter. 18 Months on and Covid is still causing havoc close to home with the recent S.E Queensland lock down. It makes it hard to even plan a family visit to Brisbane but we are all in the same boat. At least our beloved air cooled VWs can’t catch any virus including Covid-19 as they don’t have computers. Lucky.

The recent Klub run to Leyburn was a hoot. Perfect weather and scenery as a backdrop for the Sunday drive. The Warwick crew arrived at exactly the same time at opposite ends of the town. It looks like a stand-off. There was heaps of chatting, coffee and burgers. I even saw a frothy Guinness. It was a real treat rubbing shoulders with the mighty Morris Minor Club of Australia. After all, it’s not what you know.


Although a slightly older demographic to us I could tell they were players, all of them. When it was time to return to Toowoomba us cocky VW drivers gave them a 10 minute handicap. I knew the Morris Minors were serious when their drivers flared their nostrils and  flung their heads back in perfect synchronization, then laughed like hyenas. Well they must have been sitting on 50mph+ cause we couldn’t catch them, not a single one, not even the one with an 800cc engine. To save face we pretended to run errands into Westbrook and act cool. Next time there will be no head start!

The Sunday July 25th  Klub run will be a treat of the finer things, that being morning tea at San Cris Cafe Cabarlah. Meet at Northpoint Zaraffas 9am to leave by 9.15am. The Klub will shout a beverage just to get the socialising happening. There will be conversations about engines, how to grow violets, ironing hacks the universe and everything! Hope to see you there.

RSVP by Thursday July 22rd.

On Sunday August  29 we will continue our Country Pub Drives Series at the Nobby Pub. They serve country meals so maybe don’t eat for 2 days prior.

Meet across from Maccas Toowoomba South at 10.15 to leave at 10.30am. That will make the arrival time just before 11.30am. RSVP by Thursday August 26th.

On June 22 myself and members Greg, Andrew and Gretta Vanzelst attended the official launch of the Kombi photo Booth. It was a grand affair at the Wellbean CafeBallie Henderson. Real coffee and sandwiches were served and Alison Kennedy from the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation gave special thanks for the work and support from the Klub. Greg and Andrew’s work ethic along with Dave Williams and myself being the lackeys, ensured a quality job was done in only 8 hours. Special thanks to Vanzelst Restorations.

Check out these dashing photos at this link: https://www.simplebooth.com/pic/bmoKKLy

Just to finish, have you ever wondered how to get 4 elephants into a VW Beetle?

Easy, 2 in the front and 2 in the back!

Yours sensibly, mostly, sometimes,

Neil Batterham – President

Klub VW DD.

TRC Australia Day Award 2019.

 Finalist HR Focus Business Excellence Awards 2020.