Wakka Wakka woman Kerry Canning is a beautiful soul who lives and breathes her cultural heritage through her Kerry Mona Studio label of distinctive jewellery.

Kerry describes herself as an artist who quickly picked up aspects of sewing from a very early age from her mother. Certainly sewing circus tents, among a host of other childhood projects, gave her a valuable skill base.  Kerry acquired many other artistic skills and pursuits along her life journey to the present where she balances a full house with her partner, Josh Waters, and their children.  Being home while the children are young has allowed her to explore her creative side and given her time to research why some ideas have become stronger than others.  This has produced a very meaningful range of jewellery, and a growing small business.

Kerry Mona Studio Logo

During her research Kerry discovered the medium of polymer, started designing and constantly grew artistically, drawing on her own life experiences and the joy that family brings her.  Toowoomba is only a click away through online outlets and already Kerry has extended her reach across the state, the nation and overseas in to NZ, Canada and the USA. As an astute business woman, her goal is to grow a business which reaches everyone and provides an intergenerational wealth for her children to compensate for the deficit in her family’s and the nation’s past.  Her most sought-after piece is ‘Good Morning Mayaali’ earrings which emit the joy their youngest child brings each day.

Kerri Mona Maayali

Kerry wanted to support the #buyblack philosophy to develop the independence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs across the country.  Very conscious of this need to get her story and product out to a wider audience to enhance understanding of culture being embedded in to each piece, Kerry has created a range of jewellery which brings a limited edition of finely crafted pieces to those who value the backstory as well as the artistic skill.

Expanding the business to offer a Cultural Framework, Kerry is working to provide an Indigenous perspective across various aspects of Wedding Planning.  She has started the journey to provide future lettering, eco printed invitations and table settings which carry a spiritual and environmentally caring footprint –  as well as special pieces of jewellery for the bridal parties and wedding guests and hopefully move in to homewares down the track.

Kerry is always looking for new challenges and has an evolving perspective which allows fresh eyes and skills to produce that something special, which always exudes her cultural soul.


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