Significant success and collegial recognition for this highly creative photography artist, Kat Cherry, has come through many personal learnings and hard work to rise to the top of her game in the local Toowoomba and Darling Downs and photography network and across Queensland and beyond the border to other states.  Kat was raised in a small country town and has a true sense of the ambience of country.  She has amazing resilience and has overcome many personal challenges to follow her childhood film and photography journey to her current acclaim.  Her love for photography from family influences at a young age has drawn her to the study of psychology, to learning how the camera works, plus the International Standards for lighting and to carrying her curiosity and love of learning.

Studying and continual learning is a core value in Kat’s life.  She has had high school work experience students under placement with her, and by teaching photography to them it engages different curricula.  Her current study in Psychology hopes to lead to becoming an art therapist where she can help others.

Kat believes her ideas and creativity flow from her personal life challenges, and have helped her build her life skills and confidence.  Her life experiences and current study have lead her to utilising her knowledge to create the empathy which is the core of all her work.  Giving back to the community is central to Kat’s being.

Her mantra of ‘less is more’ guides her business strategy of highly detailed shots being made within the simplicity and impact of the surroundings.  Recent COVID restrictions of border closures necessitated the rethink around smaller boutique style events.  Kat liaises closely with her clients to ensure their comfort and to capture the emotion of the day.  While the ceremony of the couple is the core of the event, the reception represents the fun of the wedding event for the guests, and Kat works quickly to capture the relaxed group, bridal party fun, the food and the mingling of family for about 30 minutes.  Post-formal activities present the opportunity for the tension to ease and Kat captures these moments with non-intrusive professional skill.

The simple shots within rustic settings around the Darling Downs and against the subtleties of the chosen lighting have seen Kat Cherry Photography in the top ten national winners of the annual Top Field awards of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy for the past four years.  Collegial recognition of her high quality work is readily given by her peers; she teams up  with Tiffany Jane Photographer and Film to offer video services with her packages; refers work to others if the scenario is more suited to a colleague in her active network; and has such rapport with her clients that she gains many repeat referrals.   This rapport makes Kat happy!

At various times Kat has photographed at all the renowned destination venues across the Downs,  whether they be settings in the open, or in local immaculate gardens, or in historic homesteads or properties.  This allows Kat the canvas to  produce the negotiated requests of the clients…her signature relaxed shots.  Why are so many people choosing Kat?  Kat is sought out because of her reputation and portfolio.  She listens.  She understands different constraints.  She reschedules dates if necessary.  She encourages and acts on feedback.  She accommodates a variety of styles to suit the particular couple.  She is on their wavelength.

Kat’s motto – ‘I’m real, raw, natural and highly creative’ sums up why Kat Cherry is so in demand.

Kat Cherry Photography 

Blog by Molly B