As a young entrepreneur starting in the hairdressing business in Pittsworth, John Lindenberg saw the advantages of branching out to accommodate the growing number of clients driving from nearby Toowoomba as the reputation of his skills and amiable personality grew.  He carried his vision in to Toowoomba and has continued to grow to his current three salons and adapt to change throughout his 48 years in the business.

Despite the COVID restrictions and the resulting downturn in large numbers and church-based weddings, John has witnessed the trend where brides and mothers are expecting the providers to accommodate a different mode of delivery.  Instead of bridal parties coming to the salon for the intricate styling and makeup sessions on the day of the wedding, current brides now have the hairdressers and beautician make-up artists go to the homes or the venue choices of the bride.  Working collaboratively to provide the whole hair and makeup package has meant change for the industry, and the boutique weddings are now front and centre.

Consistency in quality, personal service by listening carefully to what clients want, long-term ongoing staff who develop a trusted relationship with the clients and adapting to fashion trends are the key to success and riding out any unforeseen situations.  John provides all these qualities and attributes these principles to his business longevity and rebuilding after 2020.

**A note from Kim

I can not tell you how excited I was to be able to introduce John to you, via our blogger Molly. For me I have been a fan of his for such a long time and heard so many wonderful things about him but had never met him. Well March 2020 I got to meet John and I had my very long wild red hair cut and styled by him. To sit in his chair and spend time with him in Duggan St Studio was such an honor. I kind of think the picture of his Duggan Street Studio is him in a nut shell. John is a beautiful man, He is very humble and he is not seeking limelight and fan fare. His goal and desire is to make the world around him happy and beautiful & peaceful. He made me feel this way. His studios are a little different, filled with beautiful things, some are a treasures, absolutely nothing “old fashioned” its classic and stylish all the way. John, it was MY honor to meet YOU!!







He has confidence and the belief that the Darling Downs areas surrounding Toowoomba, and Toowoomba itself, have so much to offer the Wedding Industry, that the future on the hair and beauty delivery is assured. Whether it is the John’s Hair Studio in Duggan St, or Bridge St, or at  Yandilla St in Pittsworth, the reviews are outstanding and the welcome and ambience is incredibly warm.  You can check John’s fine work at any of the locations to get a feel for genuine five star Toowoomba style and service.