I have been thinking long and hard about being mentioned in the Toowoomba Chronicle’s list of Toowoomba’s 100 most influential women on International Women’s Day 2022, of course its an honour but very humbling.
A friend saw the paper and sent me a note (exact as per below)
β€œβ€ Congratulations!Β  Top 100 Out of 82,607 women! WTF! Yesssssssss! πŸ₯°πŸ₯° β€œβ€
This made me smile so much and also hit home hard!
If my friends stats are right ….. 8 2 6 0 7 ….Β  Women, Girls, Mums, Sisters, Wife, Aunty, Grandmother’s from all walks of life, that’s an incredible honour.
That’s 82607 ladies with a story to tell.
So I will share my simple from heart replies from questions I was asked by Chronicle –
Q1 What are some of the biggest achievements you’ve made in your professional and personal life?
Balance πŸ™‚ I think too many people get it wrong and don’t find a nice balance in LIFE. Having amazing & supportive family & friends complement our professional life. Our family & friends are the ones there cheering for us through our good times and bad.
Q2 What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve faced as a woman? Would you like to share any experiences in all aspects of your life where you were treated differently or unfairly due to your gender?
I am pretty lucky in that I don’t instantly recall a time I feel I have been treated unfairly for being a woman. Other things yes, but not being a woman.
Q3 What is the importance of IWD to you?
If I could be a bit religious with you for a minute. When I was very young, I read Proverbs and there was a story of a woman who was strong & had dignity who was wise and thoughtful with words. She was not idle and she managed the affairs of her home. She cared for the needy. It’s stuck with me as a beautiful example. In my mind I think of how amazing it is when we can bring more of these types of women together, working together for good – Now to John Lennon ‘people may call me a dreamer’ but I believe in this πŸ™‚
Q4 Who are the women who influenced you in your life and why? (I.e. role models, mentors, public figures, family members etc.)
Well, I think most people have their mum as first role model. That’s a whole story in itself.
My Aunts have left a long impact but won’t single them out.
Mumma Reeves was an amazing woman in my life as teenager, she had 10 kids of her own and still had room at her table for my family.
And today I am inspired by our daughter Naomi (I am crying now) Natalie Fogarty, Mary Reid, Lyndall Hill, Wendy Campbell, Gay Hold Carpenter, Kim Stokes, Tiffany Earnt and many many more.
You see I love to surround myself with positive women who are doing their best, at what they do, without fanfare – love love love xx
I believe we all have a story, our stories are all different and I believe we all have a reason for being here.
Q5 Do you have any advice for younger women who may be reading this?
Take a deep breath, believe in yourself, don’t diet all your life, surround yourself with positive people of all ages that inspire you – dare, dare to be you πŸ™‚
Q6 Is there anything else you would like to add?
I was very lucky to have a mentor once, her name was Christine Gear she introduced me to John Smart both of these beautiful people have passed but touched my heart and life significantly. One thing particularly was a poem called Living The Dash, oh boy it sums it all up for me
So as nice as it is to have a “title” I would love to be remembered for being an encourager, engaged and having a go but also for generosity of heart, humility, integrity & sincerity. For celebrating the good times and being there in the bad times with those who are a part of my world.