Converting emails creates cash in bank. 
Let’s learn how to do them correctly!

Okay, so email marketing is a bit of a must-have these days.

Why? It’s a way to capture your more targeted audience – people who have come to you, chosen to sign on to YOUR mailing list, and receive your promotions. Think of these as your VIPs. An easy nurture list that get your info first-hand.
So, how do we make them open up your emails straight away rather than swiping them to trash?
Follow these easy email marketing tips for writing great headlines.
1. Make it a top priority: We call this creating urgency. People don’t want to miss out! Make them get in quick. Example: “Limited stock available.”
2. Spark curiosity in your clients: Ooooh, sound relatable? Is it a bit juicy? Remember, the key is clickbait! Example: “This sounds exactly like you, Clare.”
3. Get controversial: Be bold! Don’t be afraid to make a statement that will make people click. Sometimes, these bold statements are what people can relate to, or what they fear the most. Example: “I had $3 left in my bank account when I started my business.”
4. Personalise everything: You’re looking for an emotional response with this. Get to the heart of the reader. Example: “Your small coffee a week could save a baby’s life, Clare.”
5.  Be straightforward: Be clear on what your offer is inside! If people know they’re getting something for free, or in return for their action, most of the time, they’ll hand over the goods. Example: “FREE downloadable content calendar inside!”
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Clare Standfast