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It’s simple.
Let’s make vinegar together. It will take approximately 3 weeks.
You need a glass or stoneware container, a bit of vinegar, just for your starter batch and fruit scraps, like Apple cores, fruit peels and anything else you won’t eat of the fruit. You will also need muslin cloth if you have it. I just used a clean cotton tea towel. I actually had leftover raspberries from a platter that were not eaten, apples that were starting to go a little bruised and grapes left over after my household devoured a few kilo over the last week. I also popped an older lime in and Dragon fruit peels.
To make our vinegar, pop all the fruit scraps in a container. I’m using glass.
Cover the fruit waste with lukewarm water. Add a little vinegar, beetroot juice, or even beer. I’m. Using white vinegar. Cover with muslin cloth, not the lid. I used a clean tea towel and secured it with a ribbon..

Leave it in a warm dry place in your kitchen for 3 weeks.

I will come back and show you how it’s going next week and let you know what else to do.

Rose Eve from Verity Rose 
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