Have you ever wondered how Barrymount Crescent in Mount Lofty got its name…?
Barrymount House was constructed in the 1920’s for G.H. Griffths, son of G.W Griffiths who in the 1870’s established the Toowoomba Foundry. The 1920’s Barrymount was the second home to be built on the site, after Darling Downs pioneers Walter and Katie Hume had their third residence on the site in the late 1870’s.
The entrance to Barrymount was from Jellicoe St, with Mackenzie St running along the eastern boundary of the large range side Estate.
The Barrymount Estate consisted of the main homestead, which faced east over the Toowoomba ranges, maids quarters, tennis court, pool, numerous gardens, and a private forest. By the 1950’s Barrymount had become a masonic hostel for young boys from the country who attended school in Toowoomba. In 1964 after the hostel had closed, Barrymount was rented by the Toowoomba Grammar School as a temporary boarding house for students.
Barrymount was demolished in the mid 1960’s, with the land being subdivided in 1970 to create Barrymount Crescent. Some well-established trees that were part of Griffith’s private forest are all that remain of the Barrymount Estate today.