About twelve years ago when her friend started making earrings, Narelle’s creative urge bubbled up and she loved it.  She loved the idea of wearing quality pieces that were small and easy to transport to sell at the markets.  So she tagged along with her friend, started with a small square on the end of the shared table and slowly grew her hobby to the business it is today.

Understanding how to use the jewellers’ tools more efficiently meant taking a few lessons.  So off she went, and her skills have sharpened, refined and grown over the years.  Narelle is mostly influenced by what she sees in magazines and what people are wearing to find her inspirations for colour and form.

To kick off her market stall and market trails, she was lucky to click with Crows Nest textile artist Gail Grunske with whom she could bounce ideas and share the weekend market circuit.  However, it was exhausting working full time in the Customer Service field, making her distinctive pieces during the week in her ‘organised chaos’ studio at home and then spending every weekend at markets.  Then she had her lightbulb moment!

Narelle changed her mode of operation, firstly to Event markets such as the Country Craft markets at the Showgrounds, then through her Facebook online page.  This made her small business sustainable while she continued working full time.

Moving forward she decided to concentrate on supporting other Aussie Artisans who made one-of-a-kind components and beads in a variety of mediums such as copper, glass, enamelling and ceramics, for her earring designs, and combine them into truly unique pieces.  Collaborating with other makers through their Facebook pages has meant Handcrafted Jewellery by Narelle has a distinctive touch – each piece is unique.  This means she caters for people seeking a particular piece to match a special outfit or mood.

While she continues in full-time employment, Narelle is pursuing her ‘happy, happy, hobby’ which is evolving as she gets nearer to retirement.  Her vision is to expand in the online arena with her point of difference being the use of adding crystal energy where the crystals bring joy and the colour is strong and remains true.  She understands that people are looking for and are attracted to different things, and enjoys the energy different crystals bring to her pieces.  There is such a range of colour in the crystals, that the combinations are endless.

Handcrafted Jewellery by Narelle continues to evolve and with her growing confidence, Narelle is producing some beautifully eye-catching pieces which can become that cherished personal item that sets you and your chosen outfit well and truly apart.  You can select your distinctive choices at Handcrafted Jewellery by Narelle without even leaving your chair.

Blog by Molly B