Goondiwindi teenagers screened their short dramatic films at a Red Carpet premiere at our sold out Cinema on Friday evening.

Noosa Film Academy engaged students from Goondiwindi SHS, Border Rivers Christian College and St Mary’s Parish School as film crews working with Academy Award Winning Cinematographer, Greg Huglin.  “We spend one day producing, shooting and editing a short film,” explained Greg who has 50 years international industry experience.  “Thanks to the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund an Australian Government Initiative and Goondiwindi Regional Council, the students invited teachers, friends and family from across the region to view their productions on the big screen.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate their achievements,” said Greg. After being invited to immigrate to Australia on a Distinguished Talent visa, Greg moved from California to Noosa with his family and found a way to give back by teaching.

125 people attended the screening and were impressed with Goondiwindi  Youths’ creative storytelling skills.  Each production starts with an Umbrella entering the classroom, the film then develops into a unique story at each school.  The process promotes practical, hands on engagement in acting, directing, filming and editing.  “We try to emulate a real-life on-location set and show the students Film, TV and Media career pathways plus digital entrepreneurship.” said Greg.  Supported with Government funding, Noosa Film Academy will go on to deliver over 100 workshops and community screenings all over Queensland in 2021.

All the schools are hoping to repeat the experience next year.  “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of engagement, skill building and as a way to bring the community together,” said the Noosa Film Academy Producer, Andrea Huglin, “the community support here is fantastic and we are highly motivated to return in 2022.”