Annie from ParisiAnn Patisserie is a delight herself, but it is the delicious pastries that bring us back time and time again. French favourites have inspired Annie and Mark to produce a little ray of French sunshine in their Mort Estate cafe.

Quality training and practice have ensured that these sweet delights capture the essence of their vision and show their professional skills. Annie’s has been cooking professionally for 20 years in a variety of settings and has a background in community services. Her youthful appearance which she puts down to a good skincare regime belies her age and mothering of her young children – I obviously need to eat more pastries to have such a youthful glow. The other part of the story is Annie’s life partner, chef Mark who cut his professional taste buds both here and overseas.

About six years ago when looking at pathways options, armed with sound quals, an apprenticeship and a Diploma in Business, growing a family, and Mark’s global food adventures and background and experience, Annie and Mark looked to offer a speciality dessert, pastries option for Toowoomba…..definitely lacking at the time. Loving her career journey and eager to launch their own cafe, finding the perfect location was the next step. It meant taking into consideration a ‘just out of the cbd’ location, and suddenly a two-week turnaround converting the existing Thai restaurant into their dream cafe meant the dream was becoming a reality very quickly once they discovered the Mort Estate shopping centre and could see its potential.

So ParisiAnn Patisserie (cool name playing on its French style and Annie’s name) had a soft launch, with curious locals dropping in…. time and time again. Breakfasts became popular, and after requests for additions to the basic menu, they noticed more and more requests for gluten-free options. So began their amazing accommodation of the ‘search for the perfect gf pastry’ that coeliacs like myself crave. Rich classic cookery options were the foundation for the menu, then trial and more trials meant adapting these culinary classics to magical gf melt in your mouth beauties. What gf heaven!

It was never really on the original plan to specialise in this genre, but understanding the gf issues, riding a huge learning curve about ingredients, and what does and doesn’t convert to gf has been amazing. Its popularity for its gf goodies has grown beyond Toowoomba, and they have orders going to all points from NSW to Qld’s western border, to both the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and Brisbane. We don’t mind as long as there is plenty for us – the locals!


SO ..

what makes ParisiAnn Patisserie different?

Locals who return often and have become friends; neighbouring mutually supportive businesses in the centre; a location that fringes the cbd on a prominent street; a distinct gf speciality range of sweets and now working on the savoury range; word of mouth recommendations and testimonials for all their range and THE CAKES!……..come taste the difference!

As a recent cake customer for our Word Fest event, I knew I wanted something gf that looked like an open book…….hey, if you can’t eat what you order, there is no advantage! So Annie made a layered square vanilla spongey cake with buttercream covering. Difficult to do, and certainly no easy feat to pipe words on top – the cake was absolutely delicious, and was a big hit at our launch event. Sure, I know it is much more satisfying for Annie to make more traditional cake styles and icing, but it is all a learning journey, and I know what I would change for my next gf order for a milestone birthday coming up. Annie’s attention to our needs was very much appreciated! Another regular customer was our beautiful MC, Kim Cahill, who spreads the word near and far about this little French delight.

COVID challenges to overcome and a bright outlook for the future is what keeps Annie working hard and balancing her quality family time with her much-loved career. And Mark is alongside every step of the way.

Parking here is easy, the friendly welcome is genuine and the food shouts YUM! Start your return relationship with ParisiAnn Patisserie today.

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