Recently Foodie Shots was engaged to create a suite of gallery images for a brand new website for Chilli Kanon’s cooking experience and pastes and oils. So one Sunday afternoon out I head and wow what a treat I was in for.
We immersed ourselves in the flavours of the cuisine at the very least and was enchanted by the wonderful host Kanon from Chili Kanon.
I learnt about hairy bamboo…and it can make you itchy. We also learnt the trick to gaining all the flavours of the chilli without blowing our tops off. But you will have to go to one of her amazing classes for that one.
You arrive at the home set among the beautiful Ravensbourne bushland and walk through to the back where the outdoor kitchen area is and you simply escape to a whole new world.
Looking over the valleys you can actually see nearly a 270 degree view of the horizon…
Kanon demonstrates the cooking of a range of dishes and happy to answer any questions while you sit back and realx. This gives you a chance to met the others and generally chat. Everynow and then a woft of flavours tantilises the nose and you are whipped back to attention wondering what is making those amazing complex smells with a thrust of these ingredients here and and a splash of those there.
Then the delictable dishes are all shared among the small group passing the plates and connecting each other over a lovingly made meal.
Kanon shows us her homemade pastes and oils she sells and it is easy to see while we are devouring the morsels of bite size gems why most of us have come home with a jar or two of these pastes and oils. You simply want to relive this experience over and over again.
Foodie Shots as you know has a range of different cooking experiences as well, but we certainly do not have Thai in our repertoire. And why would we when we can go to Chilli Kanon and be treated.
So do yourself a favour and keep an eye out for their new website to book in your class for yourself and friends.
Actually why not make it a whole weekend and do a rainforest walk or hike with Happy Hikers, stay at one of the many amazing BnBs like Hazelmont Cottage. We are truly blessed in the Darling Downs region with amazing experiences and beautiful food. Get out their and see our own backyard…it’s amazing.

Cheers Kat

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