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Kat Lynn from @FoodieShots had some fun with a local product from The Cafe at Abbie Lane. The Cafe recently promoted their delicious MONSTER BURGER and Kat wanted to challenge herself to create a deconstructed version.

So she started set up in the morning at about 9am and had poles and wires all ready with strobes and soft boxes by 10.30.

Kat had a good chat with Paul and Sam, the owners and collected the ingredients. Sam made sure the charred pattern on the patties was very pretty. The onion rings were cut beautifully and even the pickles looked fit for the occasion.

Kat said ‘It is important in these scenarios to be prepared for the unexpected…even though food doesn’t technically move or throw tantrums like children or have complexes like us women…food can quite often have a mind of its own’

Initially Kat thought she would be clever enough to compose the whole hamburger in one shot. hmmmm silly thought. Pickles went tumbling…tomato sauce dripped…bacon snapped.

But she persevered and by 2pm she had captured each ingredient.

Now the exciting part…composing the shot in post. To say this file was large was an understatement. At one stage she was up to 4 gig!!!! Poor computer.

There were lots of masking layers, selections, as well as dodging and burning to create the layered effect.

What do you think? Does it make you want to wrap your mouth around this Monster!!!