Hello Toowoomba and Darlings Downs – I would like to introduce myself – Donagh Marquard, I am a healer, psychic, medium, and more. I grew up in Goondiwindi, spent some time on the Sunshine Coast and now live in Toowoomba.
I have been reading for people for over 20 years.
My goal in life is to empower as many people as possible to live their own truth, to be honest with themselves about what makes them happy. A question I ask people during readings or healings is “If money is not an issue and you still had to work what work would you do? “
Almost no one can answer this question, it is to make you think about what makes your heart sing, what gets you going in the morning, what holds your interest. Be honest we all must work, we live in a material world and we need money to survive, but why not be happy. There is always going to be aspects of your favourite thing to do in life that you will not like, that is normal, we are human. Even hobbies we love there will be something in the preparation, or the process or the completion we do not like to do – artists may not like framing their artwork, knitters may not like sewing together the garment, gardeners may not like weeding, but the main part of the project is what we love.
2020 was a year when we may have found new hobbies, we may have lost our jobs, we may have realised that we did not want to do our job, our jobs changed in ways, my job certainly changed.
I had to change my readings to phone and zoom readings, I had to do distant healings. I love people – I love to give you a hug when I finish reading for you or doing a healing for you, I adjusted and realised that I could still touch people’s lives the way I wanted to. I could still help people see themselves as spirit sees them. I love helping people see the best version of themselves that spirit sees.
The main subjects people come to me for readings are
• Love
• Family
• Career
• Connecting to passed loved ones
• Moving
• Healing from past hurts
• What the future holds
I also do meditation and empowerment classes, I love to see people learn to trust their own intuition, I love that look on their faces when they feel that sense of “O My Goodness I feel like I got that right”.
We are all here to learn, to grow and I find that when we are open to that growth we are happier, more at peace and we tend to act not react.
When you come to see me, I ask you come with an open heart and open mind, sometimes the information that comes through may not make sense straight away but 9 times out of 10 it will. I want to help you help yourself, I want you to be the best version of you.
I won’t always give you the answers you want, my son always says mum you should say you are the psychic that keeps it real, I try to. I will always be honest with you.
Now for my positive spin on 2020 – I have had criticism for this but here goes, I learned that loneliness and being alone were very different, I learned who meant the most to me and who cared about me the most, I remembered I love doing 1000 piece puzzles, knitting and cooking, I cleaned cupboards and decluttered within an inch of my life, I had days of absolute despair for the world and remembered that praying helped me through that time, I understood that I live in the best state in the best country in the world, I read so many books and I remembered how much I love to sing and dance around the house, I learned that when I was scared I could ring someone because we rely on text messages and emails so much now – pick up the phone hear, the voice.
Now my wish for 2021 is that we do not forget what we learned. We will get through the economic changes that are coming for the world economy, we will hopefully have better leaders that make better decisions for us, we will hold those close whom we love and care for, and we will tell them how much they mean to us, we will forgive and forget because that is better for our souls. This world has seen so many changes since it was formed we will survive.
My faith never waivers even through some of the darkest times of my life and I am proud of that, my faith that there is something good in every action, there is good in everyone you meet. People mistake this for having to like everyone you meet that is not true as we are all individual and we will never like everyone we come across, respect that everyone is different. The saying “ Those convinced against their will is of the same opinion still” is one of my favourites as we should all have differing opinions on different subjects or the world will not change.
Have a wonderful day everyone.
Donagh Marquard
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