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Perhaps most familiar to locals and to the many visitors who find their way out during the Carnival of Flowers drives is Peacehaven Park.

Kudos to local volunteer groups, Toowoomba Regional Council and individuals inspired to transfer the seeds of ideas into action, this parkland provides extensive grassed areas for picnics, and the design has encouraged wildlife to thrive.

The view spreads out across the valley and the surrounding communities of Gowrie Junction and Kingsthorpe, then carries the eye to the outline of the Bunya Mountains.

What a peaceful expanse! You need to keep alert to spot the rather small sign for the park along Kuhls Rd, but once you arrive at the park is a joy!

Sitting in the sun, sharing a picnic, families enjoying the well-maintained walking paths, or learning about the native tree and plant species, there is something for everyone here.

Trying to spot wildlife on the ground or in the majestic trees, under the clear blue sky on a Spring Day in September is truly special.

The story of The Stump is intriguing, as is the understanding of the start by Stan Kuhl of the Native Plant Nursery.

It wouldn’t be Carnival time if there were not amazing floral tributes out in honour of Spring.

These caught my eye.

The Stump signifies events over time and the changes life takes……an interesting piece of history to add to the serenity of the park.

It truly is Peacehaven!


An extract from a blog by Molly B