Kim Cahill - Owner Toowoomba Darling Downs
About Me!

Owner and Director of ToowoombaDarlingDowns.com.au Kim Cahill has established an outstanding career and reputation across the Darling Downs region, providing critical business growth to the community across multiple demographics.

Kim was nominated for the Chamber Of Commerce Business awards and was a finalist in the Innovation & Technology section 2020

Born in Theodore and raised across Dalby, Goondiwindi and the Darling Downs, Kim Cahill has established and executed a career of management, events, business coaching, and marketing on an international scale. By working with key internal and external stakeholders from small family businesses to large, not-for-profit and education organisations, Kim has successfully executed critical business growth and relationships to create highly-profitable businesses across the Downs region. Alongside this, Kim is a regular volunteer. In 2011 she received a Queensland Disaster Hero Award for her efforts in disaster relief work after the floods.

Kim has contributed to the development of businesses, people, places and events across the Darling Downs due to her passion for the local community. Her imperative input into the business network of the Downs has been crucial to the survival of many organisations, both in small and large scale.

written by Clare Standfast from Windmill House Creative