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Adele M Anthony is a Wills & Estate Planning Lawyer, Director, Principal Lawyer and Founder of Your Legacy Lawyer, Founder and former owner of Fernwood Women’s Health Club – Toowoomba, Business & Marketing Coach, Speaker and published Author. Her paper entitled The Law and Boxing: A Paradox was published in the Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity file:///C:/Users/Adele/Downloads/661-2208-1-PB.pdf in 2015.

Adele is based here in Toowoomba but sees clients all over Queensland and Victoria.

Adele lives with her partner, Matthew, who is the Quality Assurance Manager at Pixie Ice Creams here in Toowoomba. She has been married before and has three adult children (ranging from 31 to 40), two who live in Toowoomba (and work locally) and the other on the Gold Coast. Her daughter, Amber, is a local accountant and is married to Alex Bodker, an electrician. Adele also has two teen stepdaughters (Matthew’s girls), one who lives with her and Matthew (and also works locally) and the other who lives in Victoria and has additional needs. She also has five grandchildren (ranging from 1 to 17) and three fur-puppies (who are a very important part of her family).

Adele has a Bachelor of Laws (1st Class Honours) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Griffith University on the Gold Coast. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Masters of Law (Applied) majoring in Wills & Estates.
Adele has been in the legal industry and in business for close to 40 years and believes that this experience combined with her life experience (which includes a period of 10 years where she suffered from extreme domestic violence) contribute towards her current success as an empathetic and caring lawyer, one whose focus is always on her clients.
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