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Pest Control Services to all areas

Here at The Pestman Qld Toowoomba, what we use will depend on a various array of pest management products to solve specific problems. We have both chemical and non-chemical solutions depending on the requirements of our clients, if our clients have any concerns over what products we use or have a certain illness that requires chemical free solutions, we will have the advice and the solution available.

We have multiple options to achieve and provide the expected results, and we do this by either using a physical modification of the effected environment, by the means of trapping, or in some cases, both as this can be the only avenue to achieve the results required or expected.

When Products are used by our technicians, the rate of application and the specific type of product formulations are carried out as per the manufacturer’s product label. These requirements are governed by the National Registration Authority and by Queensland Health Department. We always take into account the impact on the surrounding environment and if you have any concerns or would like to know more information about what products we use, just contact us.

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Our Service Warranty

We offer a Service warranty with most of our major pest offenders. You can be assured that at anytime you are experiencing an ongoing issue with a pest under warranty, just give us a call and we will happily return to control the problem.

Return service calls throughout the warranty period are provided free of charge, due mainly to unforeseen changes in the environmental and seasonal conditions of your home over the service period.

We encourage any feedback as to how the expected outcome is going within this warranty period as this is how we can work with you to manage and maintain a controlled pest over the chosen warranty period.

Control pests like this cockroach and ant, or Termite and also redback spider management, Please Contact us to see how we can help you maintain an environment free of these and other pests.

The Pestman QLD Team.