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Red Gate Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic… a relaxing experience with two separate services in one peaceful location.
Bowtech Bowen Therapy is a series of gentle rolling movements over muscles and tissues to re balance and relax muscles & mind. Bowen benefits muscles, nerves, organs, circulation & detoxification. Most importantly it gets you moving & living again!

For families Bowen has a lot to offer with pre conception Bowen getting your body ready for pregnancy, Pregnancy Bowen gives relief for many pregnancy issues and Baby Bowen for colic, reflux, birth recovery. So Red Gate is a bit of a one stop shop!

As an IBCLC since 2003 including a total of 30 years supporting & teaching breastfeeding to parents; I’m passionate about giving you the support & information you want to make breastfeeding decisions and enjoy breastfeeding. I love doing pre-birth lactation consults to get things off to a great start avoiding common issues and specialise in tongue tie assessment and associated breastfeeding issues.
Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants are breastfeeding specialists offering consistent advice, skills & knowledge to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Red Gate Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic was named after a much loved and restored early 1900’s ‘Sunshine’ farm gate at our Roma property.
At Red Gate clinic I believe in the best health care irrespective of where people live so it seems appropriate that the gate represents its country origins.
To me a Red Gate says come on in and welcome, capturing the way my clients tell me they feel from the moment they arrive to when they depart.
After my children finished school I took the leap from full time nursing and part time lactation consulting to full time Bowen treatment and lactation consulting. I love making a difference and this follows my passion for widening clients’ health care choices using my training as a Bowen therapist and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Red Gate Clinic opened in Roma in 2011 and relocated to Ravensbourne in October 2019 after a brief holiday in the area where we fell in love with the beautiful high country hamlets region and its people. I now have clinics based in Ravensbourne and at The Wellbeing Centre Highfields