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8 Corella St, Rangeville, Toowoomba
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#Hello Monica Siemsen

Where do you live? Toowoomba

Your Business: LeapFrog Training and Chocolate Frog Diet

What does your day normally look like?

Up at 5am going for a walk. Depending on the day I can start at 7am with my first client and work through to 6pm or later.

#PEOPLE Who most inspires you?  Working Mums are the most amazing people. They have so many hats on that most often there is no time left for themselves.

#PLACE What is your favourite place in TDD? My home, I love when I finish work or the weekends, I can shut the front door relax and stop.

#EVENT What’s your favourite event in TDD?  The Carnival Flowers. I love flowers and everything is so pretty

#FOOD Where do you love to eat in TDD? Café 63 – the menu suits most people and the service is wonderful.

#BUSINESS  Do you have a favourite TDD business? I have three Emergency Trade Services – Price Attack Grand Central and Electrical Sensations

#good news story Chocolate Frog Diet turns 14 this year and LeapFrog Training turns 8 so for me as a small business owner I am very grateful that clients here in Australia and overseas find value in what I do.

#hot tip Always take care of yourself first then the rest. Expect nothing and be grateful for everything.