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Melita Bell is a real estate professional who prides herself on the exceptional service and results she provides.
Melita Bell should always be your GO TO for
real estate due to her exceptional service, outstanding results achieved and her ongoing commitment to the community. Today, Melita Bell is synonymous with the property market leading Toowoomba and indeed the Queensland-wide real estate industry with an unsurpassed average days on market being an impressive 21 days.
Toowoomba has been quietly evolving as one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, a city with an innovative and vibrant edge, filled with optimism and a modern, free-spirited outlook with the city lights and the sun that is on offer so too is another transition taking place.
Confidence has inspired long-standing locals and newcomers alike to aspire, move up and celebrate their lives in the most “liveable city in Australia, Toowoomba. Only 3 year ago, Melita was one of the first to grasp the implications of this change by targeting specific areas and concentrating on presenting properties to absolute perfection, 474 transactions later Melita is one of Toowoomba’s Leading Estate Agents taking property selling far and beyond any sellers expectations.
Melita’s strategic team concept has seen her personally select the industry’s best professional to assist in day to day operations.
Her combined skills ensure properties marketed through RE/MAX Success Melita receives the highest calibre of media exposure, the clients receive a superior level of care and support throughout the whole selling process and, as a result, the entire experience of selling your home is hassle-free & rewarding.