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Stevens Road, Murphys Creek, Queensland 4352
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Mobile Car Detailing

Toowoomba & Surrounds

Specialising in chemical free interior detail and foam wash exterior hand washing to protect the longevity and integrity of your paint finish.

Preserve Your Paint

Even when your car doesn’t appear very dirty on the exterior there are tiny particles of dust, tar from the roads and sand/grit that can damage the surface of your paint when you hand wash.
Using the latest spray foam technology Jonny ensures that these particles are lifted away safely from the surface of your paint before he begins washing by hand.
This means no microscratching and no paint swirls.


Fixed Price Projects

Receive a quote for your job and we guarantee the price. We can quote from video, photos or in person.

Attention to Detail

Jonny has spent the last decade working as a metal machinist and has impeccable attention to detail. Being a ‘car man’ means he will look after your car as if it were his own.

Spray Foam Safety

Starting every exterior clean with a heavy foam spray, this will lift away dirt particles which are then removed with a high pressure wash to ensure no contamination when Jonny hand washes your car; preventing microscratches and paint swirls.

Price Range
$75.00 to $100.00
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All day
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