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Our vision at Identity Computing is to provide small business with strategic solutions to solve their business challenges.

We listen to your IT and make it talk your language, do this by providing flexible tailored solutions that meet your needs, so you’re constantly moving forward in business.

We believe in people and relationships over profits, and we have fixed pricing on our standard support issues and back our work with a fix it right guarantee. We have Personable Technicians who can speak your language – business – we focus on building relationships so that our focus remains on meeting our clients needs.

We strive for clear communications, most of this is listening to what your business needs, the frustrations of your team members, and working to ensure that everyone who needs to know, does.

One Step Forward – we allign our technology projects with business goals and objectives, we ask where you want your business to be, and every purchase or decision we make, is aimed at getting us incrementally closer to realising those goals.

A large part of our One Step Forward value is that we exceed expectations and we do what it takes.

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